Modern tools like Robinhood and Webull have given retail traders a unique opportunity to compete against Wall Street professionals on a more level playing field. But one thing still holds them back. Research to come up with the best investment strategies involves sifting through mountains of economic data. Most Wall Street pros have large research departments that analyze this vast amount of data and come up with valuable insights, leading to profitable trades. The lone retail trader can't compete with that - till now!

At economyx.AI our mission is to apply world class artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to financial and economic data and make the results accessible for everyone. We show you easy to understand patterns, trends and insights to develop profitable trading strategies.

Our first product analyzes US economy data from Federal Reserve Beige Books going back all the way to 1996. It pulls insights and patterns from all key sectors and regions of the US economy, giving you the edge to trade with total confidence.

See for yourself, let's get started.